Add some talkbox fonk to your music without an actual talkbox!

Many plugins have attempted to emulate the talkbox sound by processing audio in a similar way that vocoders do. But let's be frank - it just doesn't sound right.


HumBox is a sample-based VST plugin designed to spice up your productions with the authentic feeling innovated by Roger Troutman that has since spread out through the west coast to the whole world. 

Have a listen for yourself below:

HumBox demo
4 Bit Breakbeats demo

Chopped drum break loops from LSDJ!

Junglists and DNB heads who grew up with a Game Boy in your palms and General Levy in your headphones rejoice!


In all it's 4-bit glory, here's a bunch of ready-to-use drum loops in disgustingly low quality (in a good way) sampled into, sequenced and resampled from the DMG brick.

  • 10 breakbeat groups of 16 samples

  • 160 Variations

  • Trimmed to loop perfectly at 165 bpm

LoFiMeMyG demo

Why buy RC-20 retro color when can get this SO CHEAP - and run it standalone?

LoFiMeMyG is a custom macro setup built on Maschine's existing library of effects that imitates something similar to what you can achieve with a lofi plugin. Load up the group and go!

  • Wobble - Pitch warble

  • Can - More canny sound

  • Sparkyshine - FM sample rate aliasing

  • Bits - Bit rate reduction

  • Top hiss - Filter

  • Phase issues - Self-explanatory

  • Flubber - Flutter/Dropouts

  • Spread - Stereo spread

  • Vinyl crackle - 4 Vinyl crackle loops

Miniskool demo

Finally you can sculpt your synth sounds directly on your Maschine without killing someone first!


A collab with urban legend Ian Cashman, we bring you the joy that easily designing synth sounds directly on your controller CAN be!


This is a modified MASSIVE setup that let's you tweak your sounds in a way somewhat reminiscent of the Korg Polysix or ARP Odyssey. Wonderful!

  • Shitload of presets

  • Maschine-ready, tagged, and laid out

  • MASSIVE format included as well

dangeruz new.png
Dangeruz Soundkit demo

160 original dusty vinyl samples for boom bap and lofi hiphop!

For the filthiest kind of crackly beats, an entire ensemble of my custom made one-shot sounds made for beats over the years; enough to make an entire beattape apparently.

  • 21 Kicks

  • 18 Snares

  • 35 Hihats

  • 38 Percussion Sounds

  • 5 Fills

  • 16 Bass Sounds

  • 3 Hits

  • 16 One-Shots Instruments

  • 8 FX